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One with All

Reiki is the universal energy all around us.
While undergoing a treatment, this energy is guided through your body.

It relaxes and heals.

It is the softest energy transition in our school, bringing you back in contact with yourself

You can now learn to give reiki yourself.
You are atuned during an initiation (one weekend)
Afterwards we organise a monthly reiki practice evening on fridays.

Every year we also start with a reiki II traject.
You are guide during one year, receive the initiations and symbols of the second degree.
It 's an intense trajectory which asks for dedication and at least 15 minutes of daily practice.

3 times you work for 21 days with a new symbol.
You do 9 healings with the symbols and file in a report and you follow at least 5 practice evenings.




Contact us if you think you are reiki for reiki III, the master degree.

As a reiki student , it might come in handy to have a longer period of time to yourself.

Honest gratitude to our Reikiteacher: Shantiji. Life was never the same since we received all the different degrees of reiki from her.
Very excited meeting our Japanese reiki sisters Akiko san and Aya sensei.

Akiko Aya.jpg
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