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Strenght, flexibility and balance

You learn forms and basic drills(ji ben gong).
Partnering exercises and more...

Kungfu training is Traditional Martial Art, a whole lifestyle.

We have trained intensively with Michael Martello from 2004 untill his death in 2009.

Mike was director of Wutang Belium at the time, this in the lineage of Liu Yun-Qiao. He taught us and our brothers and sisters Tantui, Taichi, Bagua, Qiqong, Xingyi,...

Afterwards he was student of the late GM Wang Chieh (taichi, Babu Tanglang,...).

Mike died too early leaving us with a lot of kung fu luggage.


From that point on we searched for our own way especially in the internal aspect of the art.

We like to give our respect to Huai Hsiang 'Howard' Wang, founder of prana dynamics, whom we consider our kung fu uncle.


We thank our Kung fu brothers and sisters, our students and other teachers we met all around the world.

Our internal approach is also founded in Yoga and reiki, both are equally valuable systems for growing as a human been.
New students are asked for a personal class, before they can participate in groupssessions.
Weekly classes in Antwerp.

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