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Hold your structure and feel

Taichi is Chinese KungFu.

As movements are executed slowly, they enhance health and sensitivity.

Taichi is like breathing, you and the outside world are in harmony.

We focus on body structure and allignment.
We practice forms, Qigong and tuishou(pushing hands).

With the forms we start with a very simple 8form : very straight forward and symetrical, you discover the basics en the correct body allignment.

Next is 24 form: a bit more extensive and more interesting on the level of applications.

Once you have a certain concept of the chi flowing through your body , you can start with the cheng man chin form (37 hands), possibly continuing with sword or fan.

In the beginning it is very important to focus on the grounding (sinking the chi to the dantien, sung). We do this with partnering exercices.

Same importances lays within the 'listening' skills of ting jin.

After some time you can do free stule pushing hands and even some powerful sparring.

Weekly classes in Antwerp.

Who wants to deepen even more can join us on a trip to Taiwan and/or China.

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