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ELLGURDS' SCHOOL gives classes in different cultural movement.

We practice MEDITATION as base, the state of being at rest.

REIKI is the softest energy transition in our school, bringing you back in contact with yourself.

YOGA class brings your body and mind in balance.

TAICHI is like breathing, you  and the outside world in harmony.

Together with your partner, dancing the ARGENTINE TANGO.

During a CAPOEIRA lesson you sing, dance and fight with others.

KUNGFU training is Traditional Martial Art , like a whole lifestyle.

PILATES brings power to your core.



The way that suits you 


are giving you the possibility to advance your training fast... at your own pace.

Private classes can be held at your home or at one of our locations. Alternatively we go to the beach or a park.

GROUP CLASSES             

Regular classes in Taichi, Kungfu, capoeira, meditation,....are held at our own locations and with our partners.


Small groups, personal attention.


Extra workshops on demands: a few hours or multiple days.

Every year we hold our own to offer you a full complementary training.

Workshops in Reiki, Tango, Yoga,...

During the year you can do an intensive retreat of 4 days in the school.

As a regular you can do secluded retreats at Lyrdryan, our eco-lodge in Spain.




ANTWERP (Belgium)

This is were we first started. The school has a nice teaching space for up to +- 10 students. Dressing room with library, shower and toilet.

Up to 7 people can stay overnight at the school (2 private bunks, 1 private spacious room, 4 public bunks).

There is a livingroom with movietheatre and fully equipped kitchen. Relaxing space with big bath, shower and small sauna.

VALENCIA (Espana)  

Beautifully located at the National Parc of La Marjal Pego-Oliva is our small Eco-lodge : LYRDRYAN.


The lodge sleeps up to max. 5 people, camping available in tent, Tipi, caravan,… Terrace for teaching Yoga, taichi and meditation (5 people max.) and plenty of space with specific training abilities for kung fu.


We lost our hearts in the holy city of yoga!

Since 2023 we help build Shanti Dham Ashram, our third establishment, this time at the feet of the Himalayas!

We can help you for a personal retreat or offer a full groupsjourney.


We teach intercultural disciplines, so we are happy to come EVERYWHERE !



Guiding and growing


For quiet some time Elly and Sigurd travelled the world : learning, studying and practicing many intercultural disciplines.

In 2008 they started the first school in Antwerp, Belgium.

Ever since they have been training people and helping them to grow.

In 2016 they bought some land in Spain and built an eco lodge as a secondary training facility.

In 2017 they started to educate other people to teach.

Students becoming teachers and ready to teach you!

In 2023 we give full support to Ramji for building the Shanti Dham Ashram, Rishikesh , India. Our cottage there is fully accessible for all our students dedicated to the study of yoga and meditation.



Because we all live in one world.
Because you want to be one with the world.


School voor Interculturele Beweging

Essenstraat 4, 2060 Antwerpen, België

+32 477 729062



Eco lodge

Cami de estalons 2 , Parque Natural del Marjal de Pego-Oliva

Allicante, Espana.

+32 477 729062


Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India. 

vzw Ellgurd, Essenstraat 4, 2060 Antwerpen
iban :BE24 7340 2563 0338  bIC : KREDBEBB
mededeling : <naam> <cursus>

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